Company is the light of the supplies and medical equipment of companies leading in the sale and purchase of replacement and maintenance of medical equipment used and new, where the company relies on engineers are competent and specialists with expertise strong in the fields of medical devices, which they sell, purchase, Chintha a company of light and depending on the techniques of buying and selling and maintenance of modern art and the guarantees of the machines with close follow-up and technical supervision services on a distinguished warranty period and beyond

In Al-Noor We do not sell and buy, but only Kmalk provide ways and different styles of safeguards and periodic follow-up to the client

It was difficult for us to provide these capabilities at prices limited suit different financial capabilities to all customers, but we took up on us this responsibility to provide these services appropriate in the best and lowest prices possible and we have continued success since 2001 to now provide the best products and best service at the lowest costs in the Arab Republic of Egypt to individuals and hospitals through
a subsidiary company 
.36Bostan Alfadel st

Alkasr Alaini - Cairo
next to metro station  Ms zainab 

 Yousry Ragheb st. Altawheed Towers- Tower No.2-       3rd Floor-Asiut 



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